Cardiac Care Equipment

Eternity Health Care distributes some of the best known Cardiac Care Equipment and consumables in the market.

1. Heart-Lung Machines

Patients who are ill are placed on a heart-lung machine during open-heart surgery. The machine does the work of both the heart (pumps blood) and also equally important it oxygenates the blood for the lungs.

2. Activating Clotting Time (ACT) Machines

An ACT machine is commonly used to monitor treatment with high-dose heparin to prevent blood from clotting.

3. Cardiac perfusion disposables and Cathlab accessories

Quality single-use, disposable medical products used in cardiovascular and general surgery are important.

4. Cardiac Holter

A Holter monitor is a small, wearable device that keeps track of your heart rhythm. You need to wear a Holter monitor for one to two days and during that time, it records all of your heartbeats for further analysis.

5. ECMO Machine

ECMO, is a therapy that adds oxygen to your blood and pumps it through your body like the heart. The process takes place outside the body. ECMO is like a heart-lung machine used in heart surgery and can be used for longer periods of time. The ECMO machine temporarily takes over the work of the heart and lungs so they can rest and heal.

International Brands offered by Eternity Health Care

Eternity Health Care provides Quality branded Cardiac Care Equipment that can save valuable time, streamline workflows and ensure smooth daily operations.


Getinge is a multinational Swiss company based in Rastatt with focus on equipment for surgical workplaces, anesthesia systems, workstations for intensive care and cardiac devices.


Helena Laboratories is a manufacturer for ACT (Activated Clotting Time) Machines, Celite and MAX-ACT tubes. Their products and services are available worldwide and here in Malaysia.



Bittium is a trusted Finland company with over 30 years of expertise in Cardiac Holter and Event Recorder.


Recognized as India’s leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable devices for cardiac perfusion disposables and cathlab accessories.


Andocor is a Belgian company active and well known in the field of cardiac surgery.


Bittium is a trusted Finland company with over 30 years of expertise in advanced military telecommunications, Cardiac Holter and Event Recorder.

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