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Our Services

One of the biggest challenges for maintenance people is not only keeping equipment operating, but also to attain maximum uptime, performance and quality results. Notwithstanding, reducing costs. Therefore, productivity and quality are key factors that depend on how the maintenance is performed.

We have at your disposal a team of specialized engineers, to ensure continuous, optimal performance of our  equipment  installed in your location.

We Provide Expertise and Quality Assurance

We understand your equipment needs and requirements and help you make the right choice based on your needs. 

Equipment installation, startup and technical service

We offer expert/professional installation, startup and technical maintenance of all the equipment. We offer equipment maintenance during both the warranty and post-warranty periods.

After Sales Service Solutions

Our service engineers are ready to visit your site to perform preemptive maintenance on the equipment. This minimizes unforeseen operational down time and ensures operator safety.

Scheduled and Preventive Equipment Maintenance

We maintain a stock of all critical spare parts to guarantee a quick response time. Maintenance contracts are provided as per the customer’s requirements.

Scheduled Replacement of Parts and Consumables

Preventive maintenance assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of the equipment. 

Upgrade Solutions

Improved technology offers better options, more features, better accuracy and improved performance leading to better healthcare to your patients. 


At Eternity HealthCare  service does not end at the sale of
the equipment. It’s the beginning of a long-term
partnership. We offer you a full range of services
–from commissioning to the delivery of quality spare
and wear parts to customized tailored preventive
maintenance programs and equipment upgrading.
The benefits for you – Maximum equipment
efficiency at lower operating costs.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

Time is money

The Right Medical Equipment allows healthcare personnel to more accurately monitor patient health, and help doctors perform various functions from the emergency room to the operating table. The bottom line is that to be able to administer quality health care services, medical equipment must always be functioning efficiently.